Current Developments Put Revanth Reddy in a Tight Position!

As part of the efforts to bring back the lost glory, the grand old Congress party made firebrand leader Revanth Reddy the chief of the Congres for the state of Telangana. Many felt that the move would make wonders for the party as the Delhi leadership expressed confidence in Revanth.

However, Revanth Reddy has been facing issues within the party as the leaders are not happy with him. They openly said that they are not happy with the party decision with Revanth Reddy. Not just the seniors in the party, even the ruling TRS also uses the same angle to target Revanth.

As if it is not enough, Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy left the party and said that Revanth Reddy is an agent of TDP and he is not happy with that. In the resignation letter he sent to Sonia Gandhi, the ex-MLA said, he cannot work under Revanth Reddy.

The MLA who has been with the party leaving Congress came as a big shock and the development kept Revanth Reddy in a tight position. Though he is working for the party by giving his best, He is not getting any support from the seniors in the party.

Now the by-elections in the Maunugode constituency are inevitable. The upcoming polls would be a big opportunity to show how strong Congress is in the state. If he can make the party candidate win in the poll, then his stature as a good leader would increase and he will prove the Delhi leadership right in picking him as the chief of the state.
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