T-BJP Hints At Possible By-polls in the State?

Going by the reputation of inviting rebel leaders from other parties, the BJP did the same. This time, it is from the Congress wing of Congress. Ex-MLA Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy left the Congress and resigned as an MLA. Though he did not mention which party he would join, it is believed that he might join the saffron party BJP.

The actions of the rebel Congress MLA made way for an intense by-poll. As if it is not enough, there is a possibility of a bunch of by-elections to come in the state. The T-BJP is of the same view and the leaders are saying that few elders would join the party.

T-BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar who is busy with his yatra stunned everyone by stating that a few MLAs from the ruling party and in touch with them and they might join the party anytime soon. The chief of the party making these claims stunned everyone.

According to Bandi Sanjay, T-BJP would see a few legislators coming from the ruling TRS and the joining of these MLAs would in turn result in by-polls. The BJP is using the same strategy. It invites the leaders, makes them resign from their MLA seats, and goes to the polls.

The same happened with Etela Rajender. The way Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy resigned as Congress leader and MLA also made many feel that BJP is behind all this. Now Bandi Sanjay made these claims. Looks like BJP is planning something big and it is teasing us with possible by-elections.
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