Heart Breaking: Father Reportedly Made to Carry Son's Body!

Its been more than seven long decades since India got freedom. But as a nation, we are lagging in many fasciitis including the health sector. The health sector was hit very hard by the novel Coronavirus and we are still unable to come out of the impact.

As an example of how problematic the health sector is, many people can not get an ambulance as the drivers demand high prices sometimes. Not just the private hospital, the same is the case with state-run hospitals as well. Though a few complaints were raised there is not much difference

One such example was reported from BJP-rule Uttar Pradesh in Prayagraj. Reports say that a small boy who was admitted to the hospital due to electric shock died while undergoing treatment. When he tried to get an ambulance, the drivers reportedly quoted a big price.

With no option left, the father of the boy carried the body of his dead son on his shoulders for over kilometers. Many people expressed their concern over the issue and asked how the drovers can do that.

Not happy with this, many raised a demand that the concerned ambulance drivers, who reportedly quoted a big price should be punished and he should not be spared. The father who was dealing with an uncontrollable loss was made to face even bigger pain as he could not get an ambulance.
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