The Warrior

Movie : The Warrior

Cast: Ram Pothineni, Aadi Pinisetty, Krithi Shetty, Nadiya, Brahmaji, Laal, Saranya Pradeep, Jayaprakash, Akshara Goud and others
Music director: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematographer: Sujeeth Vassudev
Dialogues: Sai Madhav Burra
Producers: Srinivasaa Chitturi
Writer-Director: Lingusamy

Energetic hero Ram Pothineni who earned himself a good following and market in Telugu has decided to step into Kollywood too. He played the lead role in bilingual movie 'The Warriorr' under Lingusamy's direction. The songs and trailer have generated a very good buzz on the movie. Ram played the role of a police officer for the first time in his career. The movie has hit the screens amidst huge expectations and let us see if it reached them or not.


Satya (Ram) is a medical student in Hyderabad but moves to Kurnool along with his mother in order to complete his house surgeon course. Guru (Aadi) rules the Kurnool city in a ruthless manner. He gets convicted for murdering the person who killed his father and this happens when he is 14. He returns from jail and takes over the entire city. After seeing Guru murdering a man in front of him, Satya tries to file a complaint on him in the police station. He faces a lot of difficulties due to it and gets beaten severely by Satya. He is forced to leave the city but returns as DSP after a few years. What does Satya do after that? How does he put an end to Guru's atrocities? All these questions will be answered on the big screen.


Whenever we talk about Ram, the first thing which comes to our mind is energy. He has the ability and skill to take a regular character to another level with his energy. To be honest, 'Ismart Shankar' doesn't have what it takes to be a blockbuster but Ram's terrific portrayal of Puri's hero made it successful. It is Ram who is responsible for 'RED' getting good collections despite mixed talk. There are not many actors who can own a character and lift the film entirely with his energy. Imagine what happens when such hero gets an extraordinary role. Ram got to play a police officer's role for the first time in his career and this film is directed by Lingusamy who once made super hits like 'Awara', 'Pandem Kodi' and many others. This combination and Ram doing a police role excited the movie lovers very much. They expected a lot from the movie but it failed to reach them.

Ram stated in an interview that he was offered regular police movies many times before but accept Lingusamy's story as it excited him a lot. While watching the film, the audience definitely get a doubt about what made Ram excited so much for this project as it offered nothing new. It is the same ruthless villain ruling a city and hero entering as police thereby eliminating the villain. It is story which is being showcased for decades. The only twist is that hero doesn't arrive as police from the beginning. He is doctor who gets severely affected by the villain thereby decided to become a police officer. He arrives in Kurnool to put an end to villain's atrocities. While this point may seem novel during narration, the execution was quite stale.

As the audience expect, there needs to a lot of spice in the mass film. Whether it is the hero's entry or first song or fights or action blocks or elevations, everything needs to have a zing to them. There needs to be powerful dialogues and thumping background score which elevates even a normal scene. But there is nothing of that sort in 'The Warrior'. The film entire runs in third gear and doesn't take off. Lingusamy is known for his mass moments and Telugu people who saw his movies might be aware of it. There will be a simple story but it is his narration which excites the audience and thrills them. This is what went missing in 'The Warrior'. Also, the hero's character pales in comparison to villain's role. He is not given many elevations and the regular Ram energy is not seen in the movie. Barring a few good scenes in some parts, the film definitely is nowhere near what is expected.


Ram attracts with his makeover. He impresses with his look but his role is not that powerful. The director failed in utilising Ram's strengths. One may get a feeling that he is a misfit for the role but it is not his fault. He looked very regular in the doctor's role. He is his usual best during songs and fights but his role lacked the firepower. The flaws in Krithi Shetty's acting are coming out very quickly. She kept a straight face in most of the scenes and failed to emote properly. She looked okay and did well in the songs.

It is Aadi Pinisetty who gets major points for his performance. He essayed the villain's role with perfection. His look and expressions are wonderful and he did complete justice to the role he is given. His character is given a lot of build up in the early stages but it gets bogged down quickly. Nadiya is regular as hero's mother while Brahmaji shines in a scene. The rest of the actors are okay.


Films like 'The Warrior' needs terrific background score to lift the proceedings but Devi Sri Prasad fails in this department. His background music is fine but it is not what we expect in current times when his colleagues like Thaman and Anirudh are deciding the film's result with their work. DSP gave some good songs which made the masses happy in the film though they were misplaced. The cinematography is good and the production values are fantastic. The regular power in Sai Madhav Burra's dialogues are not seen here.

Lingusamy disappoints highly in terms of story and screenplay. As a director too, he failed to bring the best out of his lead actor. His usual brilliance went missing in this film and his lack of form is at full display. He did not reach the expectations with this movie barring a few scenes.


The Warrior - No Power

Rating: 2.25/5