Yellow Media attacks Kishan Reddy for RRR's absence on Alluri Stage

The Yellow Media is now after Union Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy. It is now blaming Kishan Reddy for denying entry to the Prime Minister's unveiling of Alluri Sitaramaraju statue at Bhimavaram to local MLA Raghuramakrishnam Raju. The reason? Simple. Kishan Reddy happens to be a Reddy.

The Yellow Media is conveniently forgetting that Kishan Reddy is a protege of Kamma icon M Venkaiah Naidu. It was Naidu, who picked Kishan Reddy and groomed him into a big leader. Yet, the pro-TDP media is ignoring all these well-known facts and is blaming him for removing the name of RRR from those who would sit on the dais.

The Yellow Media is trying to portray that CM Jagan, Minister Roja and Kishan Reddy, who graced the dais, are all Reddys. But, it conveniently forgets the fact that there were representatives of the Raju community and even Kapu icon Chiranjeevi on the stage.  The person who translated Modi's speech, Purandeswari, is a Kamma.

In the past, there were several occasions when the then Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu did not even bother to extend an invite to the then leader of the opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to various government programmes. The Yellow Media remained conspicuously silent then. Strangely, it is invoking caste to criticise Kishan Reddy this time.
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