The T BJP has miserably failed on this count

While the Telangana BJP has successfully held the national executive and conducted a hugely attended public meeting, it has miserably failed on one count. It has failed to attract leaders from other parties into the party and join them on the occasion of the party's national executive committee meeting at Hyderabad.

The  party has announced that several big names would join the party at the public meeting. But, except for former MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, no other leader joined the BJP. Even KVR is not a member of either the Congress or the TRS. In fact, he left the TRS in 2018 and has not been active in the Congress after he lost the 2019 elections.

The name of Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy was doing rounds. But, he did not join the party at the public meeting. The BJP has been claiming that at least 100 prominent leaders from both the TRS and the Congress were in touch with it. But, none of them joined the party at the Parade Grounds public meeting.

Political observers feel that these leaders are showing interest in the BJP only when it comes to the MP seat. Those who want to become MLAs are still finding the Congress more attractive than the BJP.As a result, the BJP has failed to attract big names towards the party so that it can showcase its growing strength. Political watchers feel that the party has miserably failed on this count.
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