BSF Troop's Kind Heart: Pak Kid Sent Back

Everyone knows the enmity between India and Pakistan. Though the latter was partitioned from the former, the tension remains intact. It's been more than seven odd decades since India became two nations based on the two-nation theory, but there is no change in the enmity.

The enmity gets translated to the cricket matches as well and the match between India and Pakistan will be seen no less than any war. Indian fans want the Men in Blue to win every match they play with Pakistan and the Pakistan fans feel the same. Both teams are called arch-rivals.

When the enmity is to that level, imagine how tense it would be at the border. Terrorists who want to create unrest try to enter India through the border and that's why the Indian troops watch the border with thousand eyes. Not just the anti-social elements, a few innocent also show up at the border sometimes.

The Indian army is known for being kind to innocents who reach the border accidentally. In many instances, the Indian army sent back such people without harming them. Yet again the Indian Army proved its king heart.

The Border Security Force troops spotted a small boy at the International Border (IB) in the Ferozepur sector. As the boy was crying frantically, the troops approached the boy and found that he is from Pakistan. The same was informed to the Pakistani Rangers. After the rangers reached there, the BSF troops handed over the kid to them. Later, the kid was handed over to his family in Pakistan.

Handing over kids and people who accidentally reach the border is called a goodwill gesture and many times the Indian army did that. Once, a kid was found at the border and he was sent back to where he belonged along with a sweet box.

"On 1st July, troops of 182 Bn BSF, Ferozepur Sector handed over a 3-yr-old child, who had crossed the border to the Indian side inadvertently, to Pakistan Rangers as a goodwill gesture. The child was apprehended at about 7:15 pm & handed over at 9:45 pm: PRO, Punjab Frontier, BSF", the News Agency tweeted along with the pic handing over the kid.
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