Meena Pens An Emotional Note Aksing People To Stop False News!

It is known that senior actress Meena's husband passed away recently due to severe health issues. This news left Meena and her family members in tears. A lot of people from the film industry expressed their condolences and even her fans posted messages in order to support her during these tough times.

But there is a lot of false news going around and Meena recently penned an emotional note on social media. It says, "I am deeply saddened by the loss of my loving husband Vidya Sagar, I sincerely request all media to respect our privacy and sympathise this situation. Please stop further broadcast of any false information on this matter."

She added, "During these difficult times, I want to express my gratitude to all those good hearts who helped and stood with our family. I would like to thank all the Medical Team who tried their best, our Chief Minister, Health Minister, Radhakrishnan IAS, Colleagues, Friends, Family, Media & My loving fans for sending love and prayers."

Hope this puts an end to the false news and leaves Meena and her family in peace while they recover from this huge loss.
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