BJP's Revenge on TRS, Paints Whole City Saffron!

The state governments and the union government staying on the opposite side is not new. Probably for the first time, we are seeing the Union government and state government openly fighting in Telangana. The fight turned intense with the Paddy procurement issue and the parties are adding fuel to the issue at regular intervals.

Recently, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi gave a big shock by making sure that the saffron party won't get space for keeping advertisements. The ruling party in the state captured the lion's share of advertisement space.

The national party Bharatiya Janata Party which was hurt by TRS waited for the right time and gave a big shock to TRS. As the BJP is set to host the national executive meeting in the pearl city Hyderabad, the BJP leaders massive arrangements for the meeting. The whole city had turned saffron with BJP flexes and cutouts all over the city.

The top leaders of the BJP will visit Hyderabad for the meeting and the security arrangements were also made, and it has been widely reported that more restrictions would be made once the meetings get started in the city. As an act of sweet revenge against the TRS for not leaving any space for advertisements, BJP surprised everyone by painting the capital city saffron.

The leaders and cadre made arrangements to a level that BJP cadres and flexes were set up across the state and the banners inviting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister Kishan Reddy were at the key junctions in Hyderabad.

The meetings will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of this month in the capital city at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) in Madhapur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, national party head JP Nadda, and others will participate in the meeting.

Given the key meetings, the traffic department swung into action and announced new traffic diversions. As the meetings will be held in one of the busiest areas Madhapur, people traveling on the routes that lead to Madhapur were advised to look for other routes or opt for work from home if possible. Security was beefed up as a precautionary measure.
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