SC Orders Puts Shiv Sena In a Big Soup!

One of the richest states in India Maharashtra is hit by a big political crisis and the ongoing developments in the crisis are nothing short of any commercial film. Unexpected developments are taking place. Right from the Shiv Sena party seeing cracks and rebel MLAs pushing the Hindutva party into crisis, the entire episode is being watched closely by many.

As the rebel MLAs who want Shiv Sena to form an alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party are showing no sign of taking a back step, the Shiv Sena swung into action and started efforts to disqualify them so that the government won't collapse.

Here comes the new twist in the tale. The rebel leaders led by Eknath Shinde knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court against the disqualification orders and the Supreme Court gave a big relief to the rebel leaders.

In the wake of the political crisis, the Supreme Court which heard the petition said that until July 11th no action should be taken against the rebel leaders as far as the disqualification is concerned. When asked why the petitioner did not approach the Bombay High Court, they reportedly told the court that they have threats.

With Shiv Sena removing the rebel leaders from the Cabinet posts, the Shinde camp is claiming that the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) alliance does not have the required support to run the government as far as the Assembly seats are concerned. Now the issue has turned rebel leaders' strength vs Government efforts to bring back the rebel leaders.
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