Rumours Making big Noise about Ram-Boyapati Srinu!

Rumors and buzz are part and parcel of the film industry and almost all the films get affected by the rumors and buzz surrounding them. A recently announced film also could not escape this as rumors around the film started picking up and doing rounds.

Boyapati Srinu -Hero Ram combo is one of the much-awaited combos in the film industry. After a few delays, the project was announced recently and the project is tentatively titled RAPO20. The upcoming film marks the first Pan-India film of both actor and hero.

As the film has not hit the floors yet, this gave birth to many rumors. Out of all the rumors, two rumors grabbed everyone's attention. One is Ram's character might be designed along the lines of Natural Star Nani who was seen as Balakrishna's fan in Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha. Just like Nani, Ram might also essay the role of Nandamuri Balakrishna fan.

The second rumor is that Tamil star Siva Karthikeyan is roped in for a key role in the upcoming Pan-India film. Film circles say that both rumors are baseless. The Tamil star is busy with his upcoming films and he cannot allocate bulk dates.

The makers not making any noise about the film might be the reason behind such rumors popping up. As Ram is busy shooting for Warriorr and he might join Boyapati film's sets after he gets himself free from Warriorr work.
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