Rise in Attacks: Another Indian-Origin Shot Dead in US!

Contrary to its image of the land of opportunities and paradise of democracy, the United States became the home of hate crimes against Asians. Various communities are being targeted and killed in the superpower nation. On top of the growing gun violence, attacks on Asians in America is bringing a lot of bad image.

Raising many fears about the safety of people in the United States, another Indian-origin man was reportedly shot dead in New York. As per the information shared by the local media, the victim was shot dead in the United States when he was in a four-wheeler.

If we have to take anything from the media reports, the victim who was shot dead was identified as Satnam Singh who was in his thirties. The New York resident was reportedly sitting in a vehicle parked outside his residence in New York. The unfortunate incident was reported on Saturday afternoon.

The onlookers who heard the gun firing sounds reached the spot and rushed him to the nearby hospital. Unfortunately, the victim cannot be saved as he sustained serious injuries and passed away in the medical facility.

There is an opinion that the attack might have been planned earlier and they waited for the victim to get into his car so that he can't escape from the attack. As per the plan, the attack was carried out claiming the 31-year-old's life.

A case has been registered by the cops in the South Ozone Park neighborhood area in New York City. Further details are awaited as the investigation is going on.

Every time any gun firing incident is reported, the debate on the attacks gets highlighted. The recent incident happened months after two Sikhs in the neighboring area were killed.

The easy rules for getting a gun license is also dubbed as one of the big reasons behind these attacks by the experts. They say that once the guns are not reduced in the nation, these attacks cannot be stopped as anyone can get a gun in the United States. Gun violence is also adding fuel to the hate crimes in the superpower nation America.
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