Can Director Maruthi OverCome Star Hero Obstacle?

Following the footsteps of maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, director Maruthi opted for using 5D while making his debut film 'Ee Rojullo'. With less production cost, the movie was made and ended up as a big blockbuster. Later, Maruthi shifted his focus to making comedy films and entertainment films.

His Bhale Bhale Magadivoy starring Natural Star Nani brought him super fame and name. However, there is an opinion that Maruthi cannot deal with star heroes. Victory Venkatesh starrer Babu Bangaram was released with a lot of hype and expectations but fell shot in matching them.

Maruthi is very close to directing a big star if everything goes well. Pakka Commercial's pre-release event was held the other day in Hyderabad. Addressing the gathering, the undisputed king of Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi shed light on his relationship with Maruthi and said how he knew him even before he donned the director’s hat.

Expressing his happiness over the stage where Maruthi is now, Chiranjeevi said there would be a film with the director and asked Maruthi to work on the film. However, it has to be mentioned here that Chiru earlier said there would be films with other directors as well, Maruthi's project has a high chance of hitting the floor given the ties between Chiranjeevi and Maruthi.

There are two big questions here. Will Chiranjeevi manages to allocate dates to Maruthi's project in the middle of his busy schedule. The second question is can Mauthi break the star director Jinx. Barring Natural Star Nani, Maruthi worked with one big star that is Victory Venkatesh and the project did not work as planned.

Reports say that due to Babu Bangaram's performance, Ventakesh and Maruthi who was reportedly supposed to work on another film did not join the force.

Going by the developments, there are high chances of Maruthi and Megastar Chiranjeevi joining forces for a project. But we will have to see if Maruthi can prove himself as capable of directing big stars and scoring big hits.

On the professional front, Maruthi is awaiting the release of his upcoming film Pakka Commercial starring Gopichand and Raashi Khanna as the lead pair. UV Creations and GA2 Pictures bankrolled the upcoming film which will hit the theatres on the 1st of July.
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