Manchu Vishnu Moved on from his battle with Veteran Actor?

The 2021 Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections surely got more attention and exposure compared to the previous elections. The way the contestants took the elections seriously and gave their best in the campaign made the election episode no less than any political election.

Manchu Scion Vishnu and veteran actor Prakash Raj locked horns during the polls and made serious allegations against each other. The campaign was so intense that local and non-local aspect was raised and that made the difference. Manchu Vishnu's panel asked how a non-local can compete in the polls targeting Prakash Raj. Even after the polls, the confrontation between the two went on.

Now the duo surprised everyone by attending an event and they were spotted having a chat. Though it is unexpected to see the duo talking to each other, they might have set their differences aside and decided to move on from the MAA issue.

The MAA Election was over and Manchu Vishnu was declared the winner. Still having issues on the matter makes no sense so they might have thought that instead of increasing the gap, they could fill the gap and start working together.

Prakash Raj is a talented actor and no one can deny that. Despite making sensational comments and comparing Pawan Kalyan with Chameleon, Prakash Raj acted with Pawan Kalyan in Vakeel Saab. Defending himself, Prakash Raj said he has different views and Pawan Kalyan has different views and that's why the issue popped up. Despite having close ties with the Mega family and the family openly supporting him in the MAA elections, he made the comments.

It appears like Prakash Raj is applying the same here in Manchu Vishnu's issue. Looking at the duo happily talking to each other, it would not be a surprise if we see them both working together in a film. As Manchu Vishnu is doing films, he might rope in Prakash Raj for a key role.

Mixing personal and professional life is not good and for an industry like the entertainment industry mixing both issues will lead to disaster. Looks like Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj learned this the hard way.
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