Star Director Busy With his Work, has no time for Son?

Sons of Star heroes following the footsteps of their fathers is not a new norm in the industry. Changing the trend slightly, even the sons of producers and directors are entering the industry to try their luck. Their background works for launch pad and it's their talent that helps them going forward.

Following the trend, Puri Jagannadh's son Akash Puri turned hero and he is waiting for that one big film. His upcoming film "Chor Bazar" appears to end Akash's thirst for success. The pre-release event was held in Hyderabad the other day and massive arrangements were made for the event.

However, one thing was clearly missing from the event, the presence of Puri Jagannadh. The star director has been giving back-end support to Akash for his films by providing scripts and even bankrolling the films. Many expected that Puri would be present at the event.

As a big surprise, Puri was not present at the event. Media reports say Puri is having a hectic schedule with the post-production works of Liger and he is also making a few changes to the upcoming Jana Gana Mana, which is also a Pan-India film that stars Vijay Devarakaonda. Taking care of two things made him so busy that he cannot dedicate time to his son.

Liger is gearing up for release in a couple of months and the promotional activities are yet to be started. Puri is apparently discussing the same with Karan Johar who bankrolled the film. The Bollywood filmmaker has a good taste in promoting the films.

If not for Karan Johar, the Baahubali franchise would have not reached the northern belt audiences. Thanks to Karan Johar, Bahubali fever gripped the entire nation, everyone was talking about the film during its release.

To repeat the Baahubali scene, the makers reportedly discussing how to start the promotions, and Puri is believed to have joined Karan Johar in Mumbai. Liger and Jana Gana Mana are Pan-India films. While the former is all set to hit the theatres, the latter will hit the floors soon. With two big films in hand, Puri is taking care of multiple works and this could be the reason behind his absence.
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