Producers Council Takes Timely Call on Workers Strike!

various crafts came together in this fight and the shootings halted. More than 10 films have to pause the shootings in the wake of the strike. Demanding a hike in their salaries and wages, the workers opted for the strike.

Amid this, the Telugu Film Producers Council stepped in to clear the issue. Speaking to the media, the members of the council said that they have no issues in hiking the salaries and they are ready to address the issues.

Producer C Kalyan said that they cannot simply make a decision and it requires all the producers to come together and discuss the matter. Having said that the Council is ready to increase the wages and look into their issues, C Kalyan also requested the workers to not trouble the producers.

It appears like the Telugu Film Producers Council wants to address the issue before it gets complicated. If the protests go on for a few more days then it brings a lot of losses for the industry and producers and hiking the salaries will be an additional burden.

If the issue is addressed properly, there will be no loss for the producers and why will come with happy news for the workers. Once they get the assurance from the producers, then they will get ready to come for the shoot as usual.
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