Students to Study about Bravery of Narendra Modi?

Gujarat state has so many specialties like historic temples, beautiful sceneries, and shopping places. Gujarat is famous for its shopping facilities. The tourist-friendly state has a special characteristic as people and wild animals co-exist in many places in the state and they share their territories.

A few places in Gujarat see dangerous crocodiles in big populations that sometimes they enter the human territory. During rainy seasons, farmers and people living in these areas carefully watch their steps so that they won't fall prey to the deadly animals. Crocodiles also appear in even small bodies when children go swimming.

Forget about others, even Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi saw a small crocodile when he was a child. When he went out swimming along with a few friends, Narendra Modi reportedly saw a baby crocodile and took it to the house as he wanted to pet it.

His mother was scared looking at the crocodile and asked Narendra Modi to leave it back. Now school students will get to study the crocodile story.

It has been widely reported that a school in Tamil Nadu dedicated a place in a textbook for the story. In a paragraph, the students will study how Narendra Modi encountered a crocodile in his childhood.

"Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 14th and current Prime Minister of India. He was so brave in his childhood that once he caught a young crocodile and brought it home," the picture from a textbook reads and the picture is all over the social media.
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