TDP's Chalo Narsipatnam Call Leads to a Tense Situation!

In a sensational development in Andhra Pradesh politics, the compound wall of the senior Telugu Desam Party Ch. Ayyanna Patrudu, who served as the Cabinet Minister in the TDP government was demolished by the Municipal authorities citing the violation of rules.

The issue went to the notice of the Andhra Pradesh High Court and the court asked the demolition to be stopped until further notice.

The opposition Telugu Desam Party is alleging that the demolition is nothing but a political vendetta. To hit back at the government and authorities, the TDP party gave a call for a march. The leaders and cadre took part in the protest.

Tension gripped Narsipatnam with the protests called by the TDP. To see that no unwanted scenes take place, the cops swung into action and placed a few Telugu Desam Party leaders under arrest as a precautionary measure.

TDP leaders across Narsipatnam were placed under arrest, while many leaders were placed under house arrest by the concerned police. Besides this, the Telugu Desam Party leaders are stopped from reaching Narsipatnam as the cops are arresting them.

Former MLA Arimilli Radhakrishnan, former minister Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy, former minister Bandaru Satyanarayanamurthy, Ex-MLA KA Naidu, former Minister Kidari Shravan‌ , and former MLA Giddy Ishwari were arrested by the cops deployed there while the TDP netas were trying to reach Narsipatnam.
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