Ram Gopal Varma Files Complaint of Forgery!

Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is like a magnet and attacks controversies. Like how Magnet attracts Iron, Ram Gopal Varma sees controversies. In the past two decades, he also became synonymous with controversy. Saying that Ram Gopal Varma hurt their feelings, a few cases were filed against Ram Gopal Varma.

Over the years, the controversies surrounding him have changed. Earlier, we used to hear stories that Varma is facing allegations of hurting sentiments. But now, Ram Gopal Varma is facing allegations of money-related matters. In a short time, two such cases were filed against him.

His ugly fight with producer Natti Kumar is not new. At regular intervals, the fight pops up. Due to this issue, Ram Gopal Varma's much-awaited lesbian drama film Maa Istam had to face a stay on the film release. Natti Kumar, who alleged that Ram Gopal Varma cheated him, got the orders from a lower court.

Adding a big twist to the tale, Ram Gopal Varma alleged that his signature was forged and he filed a complaint against Natti Kranthi and his wife. The case has been registered with the Panjagutta Police. Ram Gopal Varma was accompanied by his lawyer when he visited the Police Station.

Speaking to the media, Ram Gopal Varma alleged that, to stop the release of the Dangerous film, Natti Kranthi and Karuna made a conspiracy and forged his signature. With the help of a document that has a forged signature, a petition was filed, and stay orders were sought. I submitted all the evidence to prove that my signature was forged, Ram Gopal Varma said.

The new development would have not been expected by anyone. When everyone wants to know what will the future of the Lesbian drama film Dangerous, Ram Gopal Varma changed the story at once by accusing the duo of forging his signature.

It has to be mentioned here that a case was filed against Ram Gopal Varma and a cheating case was ordered by a local court. However, the sensational director had managed to get a big relief after the Telangana High Court issued orders to stay the further proceedings in the case.
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