Jeevitha is Doing this Purposefully: Alleges Jyo Star Group!

Angry Young Man Rajasekhar's wife Jeevitha falls under the rare personalities, who can handle acting and direction as well. She was a popular actress and director as well. Like Yesteryear Superstar Vijaya Nirmala, Jeevitha tasted success as a heroine and director too. Her last venture as director Sekhar got decent reception at the box office.

The same Jeevitha doesn't have a good time with controversies. At regular intervals, Jeevitha lands in controversies mainly with cheque bounce issues. Going by this one more time, Jeevitha hit the headlines after a case was filed against her on the cheque bounce grounds.

 The lower court heard the case on Friday. However, there is no big update on the news with Jeevitha reportedly skipping the hearing on the health grounds. Due to her unavailability, her lawyers attended the court. When asked about the court, the lawyers said that Jeevitha is not keeping well and that's why she could not attend the hearing.

The lower court had postponed the next hearing to the 17th of this month. Garuda Vega film producer Jyo Star Group MD Hema, who filed the case against Jeevitha alleged that the actor-director is purposefully avoiding the hearing so that the case gets postponed and she gets some time.

Looking at the history of the case, Garuda Vega film producer Jyo Star Group MD Hema and Chairman Koteshwara Raju recently leveled allegations against Jeevitha that she took money to the tune of Rs 26 crore to make Garuda Vega film but she did not return.

They even knocked on the doors of a local court against Jeevitha. Hearing the petition, the lower court issued a non-bailable warrant against Jeevitha. She confirmed it at the Sekhar event and said that her lawyers are looking into it and she is not hiding anything.

According to the version of Hema and Koteshwara Raju, who are the Managing Director and Chairman of the Jyo Star Group respectively, by keeping a property as collateral, Rajasekhar and Jeevitha couple took money of Rs 26 crore. However, the property which was pledged was sold without their consent reportedly. With this, a case was filed against Jeevitha.
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