Who is Lokesh to Decide on Candidates for Elections?

Given the problematic situation of the grand old Telugu Desam Party, many people think that the young blood should be encouraged in the party and the youth should be given good preference while issuing tickets. At an event, Telugu Desam Party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu said the same that the youth will be given good chances.

Now Telugu Desam Party National Secretary Nara Lokesh also said the same. At the Mahanadu event, Nara Lokesh made sensational comments that those who lose two consecutive elections will not be given a party ticket so that the young blood will flow through the party.

Nara Lokesh's comments have started the discussion of what authority Nara Lokesh has to decide terms in the party. How Lokesh can decide terms in the party when he himself cannot win the polls. In the 2019 polls, Nara Lokesh lost the Mangalagiri seats to the YSRC leader.'

Lokesh is not the party chief to decide who will get the party tickets. Political observers see that Nara Lokesh's comments will create a bigger gap between the party and the leaders. If the leaders will get only party tickets two times, then it will become tough for the party to groom new leaders.

Nara Lokesh's comments that the candidates will be announced after the election schedule will be out made leaders at the Mahanadu think will it work out. Deciding on candidates after the schedule is released might not work out as it will have less time left.

Once the election schedule is released, things will turn busy and the parties have less time on their hands. In a short time, deciding on the candidates is nothing but a disaster for the party.
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