Veteran Actor's Sensational Comments on Chiru and Prakash Raj!

Who is the head of the Telugu Film Industry is a big question that pops up often. At regular intervals, people talk about it. After the demise of legendary director Dasari Narayana Rao, the position is vacant. Though a few names surfaced for the position, no personality had stepped into the big shoes of Dasari Narayana Rao.

The veteran actors who saw how Dasari worked on the industry issues and how he addressed the crucial issues cannot see other personalities in the industry head position. A senior actor from Telugu cinema opened up on the same and said that after Dasari there is no industry bigwig.

Veteran actor and former Cabinet Minister Babu Mohan reacted to the debate of who is the Industry bigwig and alleged that after Dasari, no one can fit into the role. Speaking to the media outlet, Babu Mohan reportedly said the same.

When asked about Chiranjeevi's comments that he is Industry Bidda, Babu Mohan reportedly said that the bigwigs in the industry will decide who can step into the bigger shoes and he thinks no one can replace Dasari.

Babu Mohan also reacted to the MAA Elections and Prakash Raj running the polls. Drawing a comparison with other industries, Babu Mohan asked when a Telugu actor will not be allowed to run the polls in Tamil Nadu and Telugu cinema will not be run in Karnataka, and how Prakash Raj can contest the MAA polls.
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