Who Will Compensate Aryan and Others for their Image Damage?

The much-talked-about alleged drug case busted in Maharashtra's capital city Mumbai had caught everyone's attention with Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan being named one of the accused in the drug case. Now the accused in the case got a major sigh of relief.

In what could be a major development, the intelligence agency Narcotics Control Bureau(NCB) reportedly gave a clean chit to six accused in the case including Aryan Khan. Months after the issue popped up, the accused heard a piece of big news. This will give a big relief to them and their family members.

The Special Investigation Team has conducted a probe into the matter and found that there is no evidence to prove the allegations against the accused in the drug case. There is a lack of evidence, in this case, the NCB issued a press release in this regard.

"SIT carried out its investigation in [an] objective manner. The touchstone of the principle of proof beyond reasonable doubt has been applied. Based on the investigation carried out by SIT, a complaint [charge sheet] has been filed against 14 persons under various sections of [the] NDPS [Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances] Act. Complaint against [the] rest six persons is not being filed due to lack of sufficient evidence," the NCB reportedly said in the release.

It is fine that the accused got a clean chit from the NCB. But who will compensate them for their image loss and the unwanted attention they received from everyone including the media outlets. Since day one of the cases, Aryan Khan and the others have been getting attention from everyone.

Not just the accused, but their family members also went through a tough period with this. Aryan Khan's father Shah Rukh Khan stood as big support and waged a legal battle to get his son out of this. If not Shah Rukh Khan, then the accused might have to spend some more time in prison.

The clean chit now added fuel that the case was planned just to extort money from Shah Rukh Khan to get his son out of the case. Earlier, one of the witnesses alleged that to collect money from the Superstar, the case was formed.
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