Award Winning Actor Not Happy With Star Hero At All!

He is a National Award winning actor who did many memorable roles in Tamil cinema. He is getting busy in Tollywood nowadays and he was the antagonist in one of the recent star hero movies. Apart from being a terrific actor, he is also a filmmaker who made some quality movies in the past. Though they were not commercial hits, they were highly praised for its content.

He made a well appreciated movie in Tamil which had an OTT release. Impressed by it, a big star hero with immense craze has decided to remake it. The award winning actor was pleased with it and decided to direct the Telugu version himself. News is that he rejected a lot of big movies as an actor in order to direct the star hero.

But the actor is now frustrated with the star hero's decision making who is juggling constantly between politics and cinema. The star hero is not able to complete his current commitments and start the new project under the talented actor's direction since he often gets busy with his political commitments. He is not allotting dates to the award winning actor which is making the latter very upset.

There is a talk that the talented actor decided to not direct the film and started accepting movie roles left right and center in recent times. Reports suggest that this project has been shelved right now and it is to be seen if the project takes off any time soon or not.
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