This Bureaucrat Vacates Athletes and walks his Pet at Stadium!

Compared to other nations, the sports facilities are very less in India. But the facilities have been increased and dedicated stadiums and places were brought to facilitate the athletes so that they can bring medals for the country. The recent Olympics showed how the athletes can shine if given better facilities.

Amid this, the athletes and coaches at the prestigious stadium were reportedly forced to leave the facility by 7 PM so that the Principal Secretary can use the space to walk his pet dog. This is from the national capital Delhi.

As per the reports, Delhi's Thyagraj Stadium which was built with a staggering budget keeping the next Olympics in mind is reportedly making it tough for the athletes to train at the facility. To facilitate senior IAS officer Sanjeev Khirwar, who holds the Principal Secretary post is using the stadium to walk his pet.

Several media outlets at the national level said the same. Adding fuel to this, pictures of the senior IAS officer walking his pet dog went viral on social media platforms. For damage control, the Delhi government said that the stadiums will be open till 10 PM, that's a different thing.

The shocking fact is that the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, which hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games is equipped with some world-class facilities to create a required atmosphere for the athletes and coaches for the training. The same complex is reportedly asking the athletes to leave the complex early.

Given the heat waves in the nation, many coaches and athletes start their training sessions in the evening and stay till night. However, the complex administration is reportedly asking them to vacate the place by evening creating space for the Principal Secretary of Revenue Department in the Delhi Government to use the vast area for walking his pet dog.

Now there is a big demand that the Principal Secretary should issue an apology to the coaches and athletes for creating issues for them in training. Not just the netizens, a Union Minister also joined the list and supported the demand. Despite saying that they got reports on this, the Delhi government did not take any action.
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