Heights of Drug Racket: Dealers Sell Cocaine in Bru Packets!

The Drug menace is nothing less than a Phoenix. The more the authorities are busting the rackets, the more and more people are entering the industry. Given the high income the industry offers, the drug dealers and peddlers are preferring this field and they are coming up with new ideas to do the business.

Recently, we saw how the drug dealers are doing business with chocolate injection. As an example of how people are using their intelligence for not-so-good reasons, a drug racket was busted in Hyderabad which is into doing business with the help of Bru Coffee packet.

A drug racket was busted by the Hyderabad Police at Dhoolpet. An African drug dealer and another person were arrested by the cops and Cocaine worth 56 grams was seized from them during the operation. Everyone including the cops was stunned by the way the racket operated.

To see that no one suspects them, the drug racket that deals with Cocaine has decided to use Bru Coffee packets for their business. After removing the coffee powder, the racket stuffs Cocaine into the packet and then sells it.

After growing suspicious of an African national who is reportedly carrying Bru packets in big numbers, the cops stopped him and grilled him. Later, he revealed the identity of another person. The two were arrested by the cops and the investigation is going on.
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