Ex-CM Starts Beef debate, calls it a Food Habit!

Legendary poet Srirangam Srinivasarao, popularly known as Sri Sri made a famous quote that nothing is unworthy of poetry and anything can be used for poetry. Similarly, his quote is seeing the relevance to politics. Even the food choices of people are being used for politics and political mileage.

The politics over food choices cannot be discussed without mentioning Beef. This topic had put many communities against each other. As Hindus see Cow as a sacred animal and worship it as Goddess, the majority of Hindus won't eat it. However, Muslims and Christians eat beef. A few communities of Hindus also eat beef.

We have seen many unwanted scenes with the beef row. Many Muslims were reportedly assaulted on the pretext of carrying beef. The Muslim leaders and Secular parties supported the Beef-eaters and said that people can choose what they want to eat.

While everyone forgot the beef issue with people talking about Hijab, the senior Congress leader and former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah brought the issue bought and said that those who want to eat beef can have it. He even faulted his Hindu identity in this process.

Senior Karnataka Congress member and leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah added fuel to the beef controversy with his controversial statements. Calling himself, a Hindu, the Ex-Chief Minister said that he can eat beef if he wanted to and no one can stop him.

The former Chief Minister said that not just one community, many communities eat beef, and even a few sections of people in the Hindu religion also eat beef as it is just a food habit.

At regular intervals, the beef issue hits the headlines as there is a ban on beef consumption and possession. The Karnataka beef act says that beef cannot be possessed in the state and the cattle cannot be slaughtered.

If the cattle owners want to slaughter their old age cattle, they would get permission from the concerned officials only after getting a No Objection Certificate(NOC) from a government veterinary doctor. The Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Act, 2020 gave birth to many intense protests in the state.
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