Afghanistan: Taliban rulers Trying Hard to Confine women to Home?

The fears and concerns about the people in Afghanistan were put into question after the Taliban forces captured the nation. Though the Taliban leaders said that there will be no issues for people, mainly the women, it did not take much time to prove that the Taliban leaders' claims were nothing but false.

As a big blow to the female anchors and news presenters in Afghanistan, the Taliban rulers imposed a new ruling saying that they should cover their faces on air, and if they fail to do so, their family members will have to face the consequences.

The new rule was imposed earlier last week and with no option left, the female anchors have been appearing on-air covering their faces with masks. The Taliban rulers said that people wore masks during the lockdown period for close to two years, and wearing the same will not be an issue as they are habituated to it.

To say that they are with the female anchors, a few male anchors are also appearing on-air with facemasks. The pictures and videos of male anchors reading the news with their facemasks are going rounds on social media platforms. The male anchors are getting applause for their stand.

Ever since the Taliban forces took total control of Afghanistan, there has been a crackdown on women's rights in the country. Starting with education, work, and other areas, the Taliban rulers are making sure that women and girls don’t step out of their houses and stay in the house.

Firstly, the schools were shut and the female students were asked to go home and not come back saying that they are not supposed to study. A circular directing the school authorities to do some was issued to the schools and the students were sent home.

Later, the working women faced restrictions as they were barred from working at the offices. As another big concern, women were asked to wear sloths that cover them from head to toe. If they want to step out, they should be accompanied by a male relative and if they come out with them the family members will have to face the heat.
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