Mega Fans Vs Allu Arjun Fans: Rivalry Trending On Twitter!

Ever since Icon Staar Allu Arjun refused to talk about Pawan Kalyan during the success meet of 'Sarrainodu', Mega fans have been quite angry with him. He revealed his admiration and respect for Chiranjeevi on many occasions but the war between Mega fans and Bunny fans grew stronger with each passing year.

Recently, Mega fans had a meeting which had a huge poster featuring the big personalities of the Mega family like Megastar Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Nagababu and Ram Charan. Keeping the rising heroes aside, the Mega fans omitted Allu Arjun from the banner though he is one of the biggest stars in that family in recent times.

Now, '#EmPeekaleruBrother' is trending on Twitter which made everyone's heads turn. Going into the details, there were some serious comments made on Allu Arjun at the Mega fans meet. They stated that we shouldn't support Bunny from now on and stated that 'Pushpa 2' is going to be his last film which drew cheers from everyone in the hall.

This did not go down well with Allu Arjun's fans as they started sharing videos of the Mega fan's speech and started giving Mega fans counters. They even started this hashtag which is currently getting trended on Twitter. This whole fiasco is leading to a lot of unnecessary drama according to reports and we need to see whether the heroes intervene or let them fade away after a while.

Currently, Allu Arjun is completely focused on his next project 'Pushpa: The Rule'. This project will kickstart in June or July according to reports and Sukumar is penning the perfect script for the second part. The first part became a sensation across the country. The songs became successful in every language, Bunny's mannerisms became popular and the movie developed a separate fan base. Bunny flexed his craze in the North market with 'Pushpa' as the film went on to collect more than 100 crores with zero publicity.
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