See how Chandrababu shocked KE family in Dhone

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu it appears is all set to dump the veterans who have had their time under the sun. He now wants to bring in new faces into politics and create a set of new faces for the party. In the process, he is sending clear indications that those who have been at the helm of affairs for decades must make way for them.

During his recent tour of Kurnool, Chandrababu Naidu has shocked the famed KE family when he announced local leader Subba Reddy as the party's candidate for Dhone assembly constituency. The KE family considers Dhone as their fiefdom and since 1978, the family has been dominating the politics in Dhone. Since the TDP’s formation, Dhone has been with KE Krishna Murthy.

Even in the 2019 elections, KE's brother KE Prabhakar had contested and lost from Dhone. But this time around, Chandrababu has sent clear signals that the KE family must make way for others. Significantly, the KE family has been keeping away from active politics for quite some time. They have not taken any interest in the local body elections. It was Subba Reddy, who spearheaded the TDP campaign and decided about the candidates in various places.

Meanwhile, there is talk that the KE family is all set to resign from the TDP.  But, it is not clear as to which party they would join. But, Chandrababu’s open announcement might force their hand. Will this be the end of the road for the KE family in politics? Let's wait and see.
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