Did KCR plan his Delhi Visit to Clash with Modi’s Visit?

The confrontation between TRS and BJP can be a classic example of the famous political proverb "There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests"/ During the Covid times, CM KCR had showered praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the way he handled the Covid spread in India despite the vast population.

However, the equations between the parties did not take much time to fight each other. Changing his stand, CM KCR and his TRS have been constantly targeting the Union government on various issues. The recent Paddy procurement added fuel to their fight.

Things are not well between CM KCR and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a level that, when Modi came to Hyderabad for the inauguration of the Statue of Equality, KCR reportedly missed the event purposefully so that he will not meet the Prime Minister,

It is known that PM Modi will come to Hyderabad on the 26th of this month to take part in the annual day function of the prestigious Indian School of Business. Given the protocol, CM KCR should receive the Prime Minister after he lands in Hyderabad.

As things are believed to be not well between the duo, CM KCR reportedly planned his Delhi visit to miss the PM’s visit. During his seven-day visit, CM KCR will be meeting the link-minded leaders from various states who are against the BJP and Modi.

CM KCR will come to Hyderabad after PM Modi’s visit. PM Modi is expected to return to Delhi on the same day. So the chances of the Chief Minister meeting the Prime Minister are very less. The political experts see this as a deliberate attempt to miss PM Modi's visit.
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