YSRCP cadre chants "Go Back" slogans against party MLA

YSRCP leader and Etcherla MLA Gorle Kiran Kumar was shocked when there were protests against his visit to G Sigadam village in his constituency as part of the "Gadapa Gadapaku" programme. Quite shockingly, those opposing him were not from the rival political parties, but from his own party - the YSRCP.

The group opposed to Kiran Kumar has already announced that they would stop him from visiting G Sigadam. They have also made it clear that they would work against him in the next elections. They have been complaining that the MLA was ignoring them and was trying to encourage other groups.

The people and the YSRCP workers held placards and chanted slogans against the MLA. They asked the MLA not to visit their village. They said that the MLA did not visit the village all these three years and that there was no point as to why he should visit now. Left with no option, the MLA had to come back without visiting the village.

Though several other MLAs are also facing rough weather when they launched the "“Gadapa Gadapaku" programme, the plight of Gorle Kiran Kumar is different. In other cases, the opposition is from the rival parties, while in Etcherla, it is the YSRCP cadre that is opposing him. Sources say that the constituency is suffering from acute infighting and groupism in the YSRCP.
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