Shocking: Twin Brother Reportedly Rapes sister-in-law!

It is a story of twins and the older twin is married. The younger twin who has his eyes on his sister-in-law reportedly took the advantage of the resemblance in the looks and reportedly raped her for six months. It took around six months for the victim to realize what she went through.

After knowing the harsh reality, the victim took the issue to her husband and her in-laws. Little does she know that she is going to face the shock of her lifetime. Her in-laws did not take the matter seriously and her husband did the same. The victim’s husband reportedly urged her to continue.

The issue was reported from Maharashtra's Latur district. The victim who suffered a big shock had informed her parents of the same. This made her parents angry and they moved the local police station.

Acting on the complaint, a case has been filed against the twins under various sections. Further investigation is underway and more details are awaited. The concerned Police Inspector said that action will be taken against them for their crime.

The issue raised many questions about women's safety one more time. If a married woman cannot trust her husband and in-laws, then whom she can trust.
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