DSP Reveals The Secret Behind His Success In Item Songs!

Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad has been in the film industry for over two decades. His energy took Tollywood by surprise and he instantly turned into one of the most happening music composers. Before anyone realized, he turned into a star composer and stayed at that level till today. Despite a slight dip in form in recent times, he is still considered as one of the best in business. Even in his decline, he managed to deliver an album like 'Pushpa' which shook the entire nation.

Devi Sri Prasad gives all kinds of tunes but he is considered as the specialist in delivered chartbuster item songs. Starting from 'Vanga Thota Malupu Kada', he gave numerous hit item numbers like 'Aa Ante Amalapuram', 'Diyyalo Diyyala', 'Ringa Ringa', 'Jigelu Rani', 'Ayyo Papam', 'Chuk Chuk Bandi', 'Sakku Bai', 'Top Lechipoddi', 'Kevvu Keka', 'Rathalu Rathalu', 'Naa Pere Kanchanamala' and many others. When asked about the secret behind being so consistent with special songs he replied, "There is a difference between item songs and melodies. There is a base, situation and connection to the story for melodies. But item songs are kept for mere entertainment. It doesn't have rules which gives me a lot of options to experiment with. I think as a music lover first rather than a music composer. I come up with a tune and make sure that I enjoy it while listening to it. If I feel the energy and vibe first, the audience will automatically enjoy it. This may be the reason for having such a success in giving hit item songs."

He said that he is happy about the success of his recent item number in 'F3' featuring Pooja Hegde. Devi added that a composer's heart always says whether the song becomes a hit or not and his judgment was proven right most of the time. He stated that he enjoyed the musical journey of his recent films like 'Rowdy Boys', 'Good Luck Sakhi' and 'Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu' though they did not reach the audience as expected. He confirmed that there is no competition between the music directors.
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