Pawan Kalyan Hints At Bringing BJP, TDP under One Roof!

The forthcoming general elections in Andhra Pradesh had put the opposition parties Telugu Desam Party, Janasena, and Bharatiya Janata Party on focus to see what the parties have to offer. Winning the polls is a do-or-die issue for the parties as far as their political future is concerned.

Given the strong position of the YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh, the chances of winning the polls in the only fight are next to impossible for the three parties. With this, the Janasena and TDP are hinting that they are ready to have an alliance with each other for the upcoming polls and join hands.

While Telugu Desam Party and Janasena reportedly have no issues to join hands yet again, the Andhra Pradesh wing of Bharatiya Janata Party is aggressively saying that the party is in no mood to join hands with the TDP for the polls. This raised many questions about the future of the three parties.

Amid this, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan hinted that he will act as a bridge between BJP and TFP to form an alliance. In his recent tour, Pawan Kalyan said that he will make sure that the anti-government votes will not be divided and will give his best in making the BJP high command agree to his proposal.

For the 2014 polls, marking the first polls after the state bifurcation, the alliance of TDP, BJP, and Janasena contested the polls and tasted success. However, the parties decided to part ways later. This did not go as planned with the three parties failing miserably in the next polls.

Only BJP is the obstacle in the alliance with Andhra Pradesh. If BJP changes its mind, then there are high chances for the three parties to repeat the 2014 scenes. The supporters and sympathizers of the three parties are dying to see the same happen.

Pawan Kalyan's comments had brought a new discussion on whether he can bring BJPand TDP under one roof to see that the anti-government votes will not be shared. This is the burning question in the political spectrum and only time has the answer for this.
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