AP: Deceased Driver's Family Grow Suspicious of MLC!

The port city Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh saw some tense situations with the family members of a driver accusing an MLC of killing him and staging a protest to hold him responsible for the death. Tension gripped the city with the intense protests from the victim's family.

One Subhrahmanyam, who works as a drover with MLC Ananta Uday Babu had died under suspicious circumstances. The family members of the victims are accusing the MLC of this and are demanding that he should be arrested and a detailed investigation should be done.

Reports say that MLC reached the driver's house and asked the parents of the victims to remove the dead body. When his parents asked about the reason behind the death, the MLC reportedly said that the victim met with an accident and he brought the dead body. The MLC reportedly left the car with the body and left the palace.

The parents and other family members of the victim are accusing the MLC and they doubt that the followers of the MLC might have killed him as the victim and MLC are having some issues over an old debt.

According to the parents, the victim was taken out by the MLC yesterday and the duo went out in the same car. However, the victim did not return home, and later, his body was brought by the MLC and this made the parents of the victim doubt the MLC.
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