Gyanvapi Masjid Row: No Petition Hearing, SC tells Lower Court!

One of the most disputed temple-masjid issues Gyanvapi mosque is in the news for the past few days with everyone wanting to know what the court will say on the issue. A local court in Uttar Pradesh had ordered a videography survey to check for the Hindu idols and the survey has been going on.

As a big twist to the tale, the Supreme Court entered the scene and said that the issue will be heard on Friday and also directed the local court to not hear the issue till Friday. Having stopped the local court from hearing the court, the Supreme Court will hear the petition tomorrow.

The Supreme Court was supposed to hear the petition on Thursday. However, senior lawyer Hari Shankar Jain, who is representing the Hindu side was not well and sought time from the court to hear the issue. Countering the arguments, the Muslim's counsel said that the issue should be heard as many petitions are being filed on the issue.

However, the Supreme Court said that the hearing cannot be held today and pushed the matter to Friday. Earlier, when the court heard the issue, it had ordered the Uttar Pradesh government to protect the place where the Shivalinga was found and also allowed the Muslims to offer their prayers.

As the survey was held at the Gyanvapi mosque complex followed by the orders of the local Uttar Pradesh court, the survey was reported was submitted to the court in a sealed cover. The survey report was submitted along with the video footage.
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