States, Centre Possess Power to Make Legislation on GST: SC!

As one of the controversial decisions, the Union government brought the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and brought various issues under this. Though the Centre said at the time of the inaugural of the Tax that it will help the consumers, the prices went up. Even food at the hotels are eateries became costly with two GSTs.

As another thing with the GST, the states like Telangana have been blasting the Union government over the GST sales. Saying that the states give nig numbers to the Centre and in return, they get very less, the states often complain about the GST implications.

Now as a piece of big news concerning the GST, the Supreme Court said that the State and Central governments need not be bound by the recommendations of the GST Council and they can form the legislation if they have any issues.

Having said that, the Supreme Court highlighted how the GST Council should focus on giving a solution that will not hurt any side. Appreciating the orders issued by the High Court, the Supreme Court upheld the orders.

The GST issue reached the Supreme Court to challenge the orders issued by the Gujarat High Court. The state government said that stocks transported on the sea should face a GST of five percent and the order was canceled by the High Court. The Supreme Court upheld the orders.
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