Why Jagan prefers Telanganites for key posts in AP?

YS Jagan, it appears, has a special liking for the leaders from neighbouring Telangana.  He has given Rajya Sabha seats to two Telanganites. While one is his lawyer Niranjan Reddy, the other is BC crusader R Krishnaiah. But, those in the know say this is not the first time that Jagan has shown his liking for Telanganites.

Akunuri Murali, a Telangana IAS officer is now an advisor to the Andhra Government on education. Akunuri Murali was unhappy with the unimportant positions given to him by the Telangana government and resigned from his post. Later, he took VRS from the civil services. Immediately, Jagan called him and made him an advisor. Murali impressed Jagan with his innovative Nadu Nedu scheme, which is a huge success in AP.

Similarly, two senior journalists from Telangana - Devulapalli Amar and K Ramachandra Murthy - were made advisors to the government. Amar takes care of Jagan's PR at the national level, while murthy was Jagan's media advisor for some time.  While Amar is from Warangal, K Ramachandra Murthy is from Khammam.

Several of the PROs in the government are from Telangana. For instance, Telangana's Vijayakumar Reddy is his media and communications advisor. Vardhelli Venkateswarlu of Nalgonda and AP DGP's PRO Tirumal are all from Telangana. Similarly, former justice Eswaraiah Goud too is likely to get a plum post. He is from Nalgonda district.
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