Has KTR walked into Bandi Sanjay's trap on Inter students' suicide?

Politicians usually fling allegations and they are usually met with counter allegations. But, rarely does a politician slap a defamation notice on another politician. But, TRS working president KTR slapped a legal notice on BJP state president Bandi Sanjay over the latter's statement that faulty enumeration in intermediate exam led to37 deaths of students and that he and his father were responsible for that.

KTR sent a legal notice and asked Bandi Sanjay to apologise within two days failing which he would have to face civil and criminal proceedings against him. In his response, Bandi Sanjay said that the question of offering an apology does not arise and demanded a CBI inquiry into the deaths of scores of students due to wrong enumeration.

The political watchers say that KTR has unnecessarily walked into the trap laid by Bandi Sanjay. If he gets Bandi Sanjay arrested, that would make the latter a hero. He would play to the gallery and get a lot of political mileage. He would project himself as a victim and a martyr for the cause of the young intermediate students.  If he is not arrested and KTR does not do anything beyond serving a notice, that would weaken KTR's cause and make Bandi a hero.

Thus, it appears that KTR fallen into Bandi Sanjay's trap. He has helped revive and breathe life into a controversy that died long ago. Bandi Sanjay has asked KTR to prove that he has no links with Globarena, the firm which computerised the examination result.  He also said that the TRS government had lathicharched the students who approached the government for the redressal of the wrong computations and faulty marks sheets.
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