Acche Din: Indian Govt Decides to stop Wheat Prices!

The ruling party in the Centre Bharatiya Janata Party had promised to bring the Achhe din(good days) into the country. As it took on the grand old Congress party in the 2014 polls, the saffron party had sent the 'Achhe din aane waale hain' campaign to the voters aggressively through social media.

It's been ten years since the party rose to power. Forget about Acche din, people are unable to bear the prices of services increased by the government. Petrol and Diesel have reached an all-time high as both fuels have crossed the 100 mark and inching towards the 150 mark, for the first time.

The prices of edible oils, groceries, and even cooking gas have also increased largely breaking the backbone of the common people. Middle-class families are finding it tough to manage their expenses as the prices are soaring.

Forget all these, even the wheat prices have increased. As a result of the growing demand and dip in the production and storage levels, the wheat price also increased, and the Atta consumers are unable to have the Roti as the prices went up to all-time high.

To deal with the soaring wheat prices, the Indian government had decided to stop the heat exports with immediate effect. As the local markets in India are facing the heat of the high prices, the government decided to deal with that first. Despite India being one of the leading wheat exporters, the government took the tough call.
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