Cash-Crunch AP Unable to Pay Wages for Upadi Hami Labourers?

The Upadhi Hami scheme is a wonderful scheme that aims of lending a helping hand to the laborers by providing them work and wages as well. Though it is a Central government's policy, the states also spend a bit of funds to provide wages to the laborers.

The hami falls under the National Rural Employment Guarantee (NREGA) Act and both the Central government and the states jointly give wages by releasing the funds according to their shares. The laborers had a tough time during the Covid with the lockdowns coming into effect.

As the Covid fear is not that severe all the states are making sure that the laborers get the work and wages. However, Telugu state Andhra Pradesh is having another story. Despite other states paying the wages, the state is believed to be not doing the same.

Reports say that there has been a delay in releasing the funds for the beneficiaries of the scheme. Around 2.5 lakh laborers are yet to get their wages and they have been waiting for close to two months now.

On top of the delay in the release of funds, the laborers are struggling with the hike in the prices of the commodities. The prices of almost all the commodities went up and with the small wages, they get they cannot feed their families. The wages they get from the scheme are also getting delayed.

Expressing their concerns over the delay in the release of the funds, the District Water Management Agency(DWAMA) officials reportedly assured the beneficiaries that they might get their dues soon and within a couple of days, they can get the dues.
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