Poaching Menace: Three Cops killed, one Injured in Encounter!

With the population getting bigger, the wild animals started facing threats and troubles from humans as the forests are being encroached with the limited land availability. As a result, we get to see wild animals coming to the human territory in search of food and end up killing many. States like Maharashtra, Gujarat, and others face these issues mostly as the forest area is close to the human habitat.

As a negative impact of the forest encroachment, many animals are on the verge of getting endangered. A few species were added to the list to safeguard them. This is not helping the species with humans running after the endangered species for their skin, and nails.

In the black market, the skin and nails go for lakhs and even crores. That's why many poachers use killing the wild animals as a big idea to get easy money. In this process, they won't fear the law and order and don't even shy away from attacking the officials.

As an example of how far the poachers can go for their work, three policemen were reportedly killed and one was injured in the encounter. The shocking incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh's Guna district. The cops got a tip-off from their sources that the poachers are at the Aaron area.

A few policemen reached the spot and surrounded the poachers demanding their surrender. As an unexpected development, the poachers reportedly started firing at the cops leaving three dead and one severely injured, reports say.

After the locals spotted the dead bodies of a few deers, blackbucks, and others, they reportedly spotted a few poachers and informed the same to the cops. Tracing the whereabouts of the miscreants, the cops showed up and demanded the poachers' surrender. Shockingly, they opened fire. The deceased include an inspector rank officer and two constables.

Swinging into action, the Madhya Pradesh government had assured severe punishment for the culprits. Saying that they will not be spared, the government sent special teams to nab the culprits, who will be produced before the court after their arrest. An ex-gratia was announced for the families of the deceased.
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