After Vijay, Kamal Haasan Targets Union Government?

Tamil cinema has been politically active and rarely do they question the political system. But recently, the Tamil industry has been constantly questioning and countering the Union government. If we look at the recent films of Thalapathy Vijay, he raised questions against the Centre. In Mersal, the lead character questions the GST.

Recently when the Union Government proposed an idea to make a few changes to the existing Cinematography Act, stars from the Kollywood opposed it and said that the move will hinder the freedom enjoyed by the filmmakers. A few directors also said the same. Joining the force, the Tamil Nadu government also wrote a letter to the Union government to reconsider the move.

Hinting that the Tamil Cinema will be questioning the Union government, a recently released song from a Tamil Cinema had raised many questions. Many think that the song is insulting the Union Government and a complaint has also been filed against the film.

The first single from Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan'a upcoming film Vikram titled 'Pathala Pathala' was released recently. The lyrics were penned by Kamal Haasan himself and he sang the song. After the song's release, it had landed in a big controversy as many think that Kamal targeted the Union Government with the song.

Alleging that the song targets the Union Government on various issues, a social activist had reportedly filed a complaint with the Commissioner. Expressing his dissatisfaction with the song and how the lyrics were written targeting the Union Government on the Covid management and the economy, he moved the Commissioner's office.'

After a few stars like Vijay and Vishal made films questioning the Union Government, they faced IT raids a few times. Post consulting the raids, the IT officials said that their records were clear and there is no wrong on their part.

The IT raids raised doubt if the Union Government want to send a strong message that those who question them will have to face the music. Despite the Centre saying that it has nothing to with the films, many feel the same. The Kollywood industry stood in solidarity with Vijay and Vishal.
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