Why Did Mahesh Say Yes To Those Scenes In 'SVP'?

Superstar Mahesh Babu's commercial entertainer 'Sarkaru Vaari Paata' has hit the screens today amidst huge hype and expectations. The film is getting mixed responses from the audience as they liked the entertainment and the superstar's energetic avatar but had issues with the second half. Directed by Parasuram Petla, the film collected a gross of 75 crores on the first day according to the makers.

While Mahesh is being praised for his performances, a lot of people are shocked to see him doing certain scenes. Star heroes are usually very careful when it comes to including certain scenes as it may affect society or tarnish their own image. Mahesh is very particular about these things and we can see him doing respectable roles in most of his movies.

But there was a scene where it was indicated that Mahesh pissed on Subbaraju. It was supposed to be a comedy scene but a lot of people cringed badly as it is not what you expect from a star hero of Mahesh's statue. Subbaraju is a top actor who has been in the film industry for almost two decades. It is quite disrespectful for him and many say that Mahesh should have suggested the director to drop this scene.

Also, the track featuring Mahesh, Keerthy Suresh and Subbaraju was quite offensive according to a lot of people. It was unnecessary in the second half but was included anyway. The scenes were quite uncomfortable and Mahesh ordering Keerthy to sleep by his side and calling Subbaraju every time is in no way acceptable. People are hoping that Mahesh understands what people expect from him and avoid such scenes in the future.
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