Parents of Kerala Model Doubt Son-In-law on Daughter's Death!

In an unfortunate turn of events, a model who recently rang into her birthday was found dead on the same day. Many people including the model's parents had raised a few doubts and alleged that they have a few doubts about the way their daughter was found dead on her birthday.

Going into detail, young model Sahana, who hails from God's Own Country Kerala celebrated her 21st birthday earlier this week. On the very same day, she was found dead and her family was informed the same. Her family members cried their hearts out after listening to the news.

With the parents of the model alleging that they have doubts about their son-in-law Sajjad, he was reportedly taken into custody by the cops. He is under investigation and the cops are trying to grill information from him as the victim's parents doubt him.

Her parents alleged that the victim and her husband have been going through some issues and she would always complain about her husband. Saying the same, teh parents say that their daughter is not that weak to kill herself and she might have been killed.

The local Malayalam media said that the parents even accused their son-in-law of not letting their daughter meet them. According to them, he would not allow the victim to meet her parents. On top of this, he would threaten and harass her, making it tough for her to have a happy living.
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