Politics get triangular in Ichchapuram constituency

Ichchapuram is fast emerging as a bone of contention between the YSRCP, TDP and the Jana Sea. All the three parties are focusing  on this constituency and are trying to consolidate themselves for the 2024 elections.

Jana Sena senior leader and former DGP JD Lakshminarayana has adopted Salahala Puttuga village. He is making the locals take a pledge abstaining from liquor consumption. He has also involved several NGOs and has taken up welfare works. He is working hard in the region.  He has also initiated several income generation works for the poor.

Sitting TDP MLA Bendalam Ashok is trying to consolidate himself for the upcoming elections. He is on extremely friendly relations with local MP Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu of the TDP. The YSRCP is focusing on local builder Priya Appala Raju. Raju’s wife Vijaya is the ZP chief for Srikakulam district. Minister Seediri Appala Raju too is concentrating on this constituency and wants to ensure a YSRCP victory in 2024.

So, it appears likely that both Sairaju, Bendalam Ashok and JD Lakshminarayana are eyeing the same constituency. This is making the politics in the assembly constituency quite interesting. It remains to be seen how politics pan out in the constituency in the days to come.
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