Shareholders and Investors Still Fear Twitter Deal, shares fall!

Everything connected to the social media giant Twitter becomes a piece of news now. Be it Elon Musk striking a deal to buy the platform or he making a new proposal that the government agencies may have to pay some money to use the platform while the common users can continue to use Twitter.

As another big issue, Elon Musk said that the deal was kept on hold temporarily as there are some issues in calculating the fake accounts on the platform. This had resulted in the shares of Twitter taking a massive dive by more than 20 percent.

After the deal was suspended, Twitter shares dropped by 22% to $35.20 in pre-market trade. Ever since the deal was in talks, the shares have been falling down regularly at regular intervals.

After the Twitter deal was made, many concerns were raised about the freedom of speech once Twitter goes into the hands of Elon Musk. This led to the fall of share prices. On the other hand, Tesla shares also saw a dip with the shareholders fearing that Elon Musk might sell the shares to raise the money to buy Twitter.

 The new dip in the value of the shares marks the third dip in the price value. Earlier last week, Twitter's share value fell below $46.75. The recent fall in shares value proves that the shareholders and investors are worried about the Twitter deal even now.
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