Bizarre: Popular News Channel Thinks Mahesh Babu is Kannada Actor!

Due to many reasons, the North looks down on the South in various matters. Even politicians from the North made some objectionable comments about the South in many instances. In one example, a Legislator from North claimed that North people are so good that they live with South people even though they appear dark and dusky.

Forget about politicians, even the media has no idea about the languages and cultures in the Southern states. No matter where the place is they simply dub it South. If we look at the way south Indians are shown in Bollywood films, they see only Tamilians as people living in the South.

With the South Vs Bollywood discussion going on intensively after Mahesh Babu said Bollywood can't afford him and he doesn't want to waste time trying his luck in Hindi films, people started talking about the issue widely. A few filmmakers have defended Bollywood and countered Mahesh Babu's claims.

A popular media outlet called for a debate on Mahesh Babu's comments on the Bollywood industry. More than the debate, the way Mahesh Babu was depicted in the channel became an issue. Many people questioned how can start the debate without knowing the actor and the industry he works in.

Shedding light on the arrogant nature of the National Media, the news outlet termed Mahesh Babu as a Kannada actor though he is a big star in Telugu Cinema. The panel simply started the debate without any research and groundwork, which is a big surprise.

Many wonders if the News channel and the panel that took part in the debate have any basic idea about the Southern states and the languages and cultures here. It is a shocking thing that the debate was started without even getting details of the actor who made comments against Bollywood.

For many of them, Southern India is nothing but Madras and the people in the South only eat Idly Sambar and rice. Even when films like Bahubali, Pushpa, RRR, and K.G.F had set the box office on fire and collected big numbers at the box office, the national media started calling the trend as Southern wave but did not call it the Telugu wave or Kannada wave.
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