Vulgar comments on Sai Pallavi TS Gov. reacts

It is known that Nani and Sai Pallavis Shyam Singha Roy recently premiered on Netflix. The film is drawing a pretty good reception from the OTT audience. It even found a spot on Netflixs Global Top 3 list as we had reported recently.

Now a menacing netizen passed a vulgar comment on Sai Pallavi who was seen in Devadasi role in the film. He said Sai Pallavi did not look beautiful in the role and commented about her facial beauty. This did not go well with the vast majority of netizens.

Incidentally the governor of Telangana Tamailasai took to Twitter to shut down this vulgar troll in the most fitting way possible.

It is only those who have been mocked like this who will know how much it hurts. I have been hurt but Ive overcome it with my talent my hard work and toil. Were not Mahatmas to be unaffected by such comments. Ive ignored it but if you ask me if it hurts of course it does Tamilasai tweeted.

Being born as short dark skinned or with hair like mine is not our mistake and there is beauty in all of this. Thats why our proverb says kaakkai thann kunju ponn kunju a crow considers its chick to be a golden chick no matter what its colour and it doesnt reject it because its dark A society which cannot stop women from progressing tries to curtail their rapid stride by hurting them Tamilasai tweeted a short while ago.

Well this isnt the first time Tamilasai openly commented against such offensive trolls who pass personal remarks on women. Women who are fairer than I am are not mocked like this by this society. That is a perversion. Even if I am a decent woman a doctor and a politician they only pay attention to my complexion and my physical appearance. This is a big injustice. They dont like it when a woman grows as a strong leader. It is natural then that women are basically not respected. Those who have the basic nature of not respecting women are the ones capable of passing opinions like that. When people coming from a strong background like mine are mocked like this for being a woman how will other women get the courage to enter politics She was previously quoted saying in a noted Telugu media portal.
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